Cesare Arosio e Beatrice Fanchini












Cesare Arosio

Cesare Arosio was born in 1985. His education took place at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, with prof. Michele Arnaboldi, as thesis supervisor. During his university years he worked with architects such as Farrel Mc Namara, Joseph Acebillo, Esteban Bonell and Ignacio Rubino, constantly enriching his professional profile with internships and work experiences of relief at the studios Ten Arquitectos in New York and Tawa-zen Abu Dhabi. This important inside in the international arena pushed him to combine the design tradition of his family and its territory with a view to most innovative job-oriented scenarios in the world. Arosio today dedicates to architectural design, with special attention to product design and interior design.




Beatrice Fanchini

Beatrice Fanchini graduated in 2010 with honors from the Politecnico of Milan, after attending the entire degree course in English. During the period of study, she chose to spend a year in Berlin to collaborate with the architecture studio of Klaus Theo Brenner, also taking part in the design of the interior spaces and new installations of the Bode Museum directed by Julien Chapuis. She returned to Italy with a new vision of the profession, in which precision and technique become the indispensable tools for her subsequent professional experiences. Beatrice, today, is interested in all the components of design, from product design to the “macro” aspects, more related to the building techniques.


COSMO table

HOPE table

MARILA bookcase

STAR sideboard </a



CHARME couple of mirrors


DOMINIQUE coffee table


ELISABETH bookcase