• ester-divano-in-ambiente | ester-sofa-in-room
  • ester-divano-in-ambiente | ester-sofa-in-room
  • ester: divano imbottito ad angolo in ambiente moderno | ester: upholstered corner sofa in a modern setting
  • Ester: Divani imbottiti in ambiente | Ester: Upholstered sofas in the room
  • Ester: divano imbottito in ambiente moderno | Ester: upholstered sofa in a modern setting
  • ester: divano imbottito con cuscini a contrasto | ester: upholstered sofa with contrasting cushions
  • Ester: divano imbottito due sedute | Ester: upholstered sofa with two seats
  • Ester: particolare divano imbottito | Ester: particular upholstered sofa


The modular sofa Ester expresses a modern design, with an immediately perceptible quality. Versatile for linear, corner or peninsula compositions, it is suitable for wide modern living rooms or for hospitality spaces

A seating system with a contemporary design, with an appeal that inspires warmth and comfort. The skilful play of the square shapes with the abundance of maxi seats creates an original contrast and underlines the quality of the workmanship, of every single stitch sewn with skill around the generous padding. The removable covers also make it particularly practical and suitable for the most diverse environments.
The structural base is raised from the ground by wooden feet. The slightly inclined padded armrests can be replaced or alternated with a wooden element, which also acts as a practical support and container.

Modular sofa with structure in wood. High density polyurethane foam. Seat cushions filled with high-density polyurethane foam and down. Backrest cushions filled with down feather
Removable fabric. Wooden feet.


Norberto Delfinetti

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