• Ghost-porta-tv-orientabile-e-libreria-in-ambiente | Ghost-adjustable-tv-stand-and-bookcase-in-room
  • Ghost-porta-tv-orientabile-e-libreria-in-ambiente | Ghost-adjustable-tv-stand-and-bookcase-in-room
  • Ghost-porta-tv-orientabile-e-libreria | Ghost-adjustable-tv-stand-and-bookcase
  • Ghost-porta-tv-orientabile-e-libreria-placcati-frassino-dettaglio | Ghost-adjustable-tv-stand-and-bookcase-veneered-ash-detail


Wall-mounted TV stand with side bookcase and equipped rear compartment. For living rooms or bedrooms with a modern design

The wall-mounted TV stand Ghost consists of an opening panel, which can be completed with a side bookcase that can be positioned on the right or on the left of the TV stand.
The structural panel is designed to open and thus orient the TV according to your needs.
The rear compartment is equipped with shelves for CDs, DVDs or bottles for bar use; it is also equipped with a painted metal base for the decoder and a universal TV holder.

Wall TV stand in wood. Opening panel equipped on the back with glove compartment, it can also be used as a bar unit. On request, bookcase veneered ash or fiberboard.



Danilo Bonfanti e Gabriele Moscatelli