Pacini & Cappellini: design furniture Made in Italy since 1982

Founded in 1982 in Cabiate, in the province of Como, Pacini & Cappellini is a company that creates design furniture and accessories for the home and the contract world.

Pacini & Cappellini was born from many loves: wood, home and living intended as an aspect of everyday life essential for the well-being of people. For more than thirty years, the company has been producing and distributing living room furniture such as tables, chairs and armchairs, bookcases and consoles, sideboards and TV stands, made entirely in Italy.

The desire to look to the future, together with the will to secure the company’s future, became real in the nineties when the sons of the founder Luigi, Roberto, Moreno and Giorgio, started working for the business. The idea behind the new leadership is to keep the traditional values intact – embracing their fathers’ creativity, passion and spirit of research – while introducing substantial innovations. Without forgetting the tradition of craftsmanship that inspired the creation of the business and the brand, which is now famous throughout the world, the company has begun an evolutionary process, which is still ongoing and will never stop, based on the use of new technologies and industrial processes and on the collaboration with a team of designers who have created products that have become icons, such as the Axis and Mobius tables designed by Stefano Bigi, or the Plurimo table created by Hanno Giesler. Through their creations, these artists allow people to enter their way of seeing and living the world, conveying unique emotions and sensations in true Italian style.

Our values
We create versatile, practical and functional furniture and furnishing accessories
We let creativity run free
We create furnishing solutions made to last over time
We celebrate the past and let ourselves be inspired by the future