Stefano Bigi

After studying art in France, his country of origin, Stefano begins to take its first steps in web design, never stop to sketch sofas, chairs and objects. For this reason, when he was 31, he decided to follow his vocation: he left France and established in Milan, where he founded his own company, the Helldesign. He started to collaborate with leading brands of furniture and, thanks to its innovative ideas, get both the special mention of the Young & Design Contest and the Golden A ‘Design Award, respectively in 2009 and 2012. The idea behind the work of Stefano is an exasperated research toward the right balance between aesthetics and comfort, form and function, trying to conquer with a design that goes beyond the rules of compliance and meets the needs of the people.

AARON table
AARON console
AXIS table
GAYA chair and armchair
MIRAGE wall mirror
MOBIUS table
TAO bar cabinet
TAO bookcase