Norberto Delfinetti e Monica Bernasconi

They found their studio in 2004.  Alhough their different professional experiences, the two designers base their work on a common functionalist philosophy, designing “Simple and functional objects, with a certain formal clarity obtained through the minimization of the elements.” Their work meets the industrial design, interior design, exhibit design and graphics, relating in particular to the furnishings and fabrics. In parallel, the two designers carry on important image projects as art directors for companies in various sectors, from textiles to furniture, to electronics. They were also curators of ” Italian Design Furniture Show “and the ”Italian Office Furniture Show”, events that have collected some of the best Italian producers in the occasion of “Chicago Design Show” and the “NEOCON” in Chicago. Delfinetti has been a speaker at conferences on Italian Design, in which he told of his work and the stages of his career, even at the Italian Design Furniture Show in 1999 and 2000 invited by “Steelcase”. Bernasconi won, within the “Category Luxury” the prestigious competition for young designers “Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award 2003” with the design of the packaging of a perfume.


DIX entry way element                 L’ALBERO entrance unit
ESTER sofa                                      FASHION table
MILANO sideboard                        FLY coffee table
RON wall mirror                              ISOLA coffee table
SHELL table                                     MAZE wall bookcase
STONE wall mirror                          MILLERIGHE console
TUBE  entrance unit                      MILLERIGHE coffee table
TUBE table                                      TRES bookcase