Fold, suspension and floor lamps with a distinctive contrast

FOLD does not just “fold”. In this case, it refers to the action applied to an object so that it takes on a different shape from the original, becoming something new. The birth of FOLD was the result of research that experimented with contrasts between before and after, simple and complex, far and near.

The FOLD suspension and floor lamps present a distinctive outer shape where upper and lower parts are far apart. This feature allows light to play with space and create a visual effect that brings our gaze towards the center. In this area, the profile undergoes a variation, and the light seems to come from an illusion, making the top and bottom lose their meaning and creating a whole with the glow.

The central flexion of FOLD allows the lighting body to be integrated into the glass, adding a technical function to its aesthetic value. This is the result of a gesture that is both simple and complex, that is, a fold, FOLD.