Milan Design Week 2024: Pacini & Cappellini’s will be there

The essence of Italian design at Milan Design Week 2024

Milan Design Week 2024 promises to be an unprecedented event, an occasion to celebrate innovation and creativity in the world of design. Pacini & Cappellini, a true icon of Made in Italy design, is ready to unveil its latest creations, embodying the essence of luxury and sophistication.

In the setting of the prestigious exhibition, we will immerse ourselves in the theme Materia Natura (Matter Nature), a journey to discover the infinite expressive possibilities of wood, a noble and versatile material. Visitors will witness how wood can be transformed into true masterpieces of design through craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Milan: centre of innovation and design with Milano Design Week 2024

From 15 to 21 April, the streets of Milan will be transformed into a vibrant stage for world design. This city, already known as the capital of design and fashion, will host exhibitors, interior designers and enthusiasts from all over the world, who will gather in one place to explore the new frontiers of design. 

Milan Design Week is not only a showcase for the latest trends, but also a meeting place and cultural exchange, where industry professionals and enthusiasts can share ideas and inspiration. The event thus becomes an essential landmark for anyone who wants to keep up with the evolution of design.

Pacini & Cappellini at Milan Design Week 2024

During Milan Design Week 2024, our flagship store in Via Albricci 7 in Milan will become a magical place where tradition meets innovation. Here, Pacini & Cappellini will present a series of pieces that demonstrate the mastery of woodworking, a material that has always been at the heart of our production philosophy.

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire the quality and unique details of our furniture up close. Each piece tells a story of passion, precision and attention to detail, elements that distinguish our brand on the luxury design scene.

At the heart of Pacini & Cappellini’s philosophy is a deep respect for the environment, values that fit in well with the theme of this year’s Milano Design Week. For us, design also means sustainability. We are committed to using wood from responsibly managed forests and eco-friendly materials, guaranteeing a reduced environmental impact.

Our vision goes beyond simply producing furniture. We want to inspire positive change in the industry by promoting sustainable practices and environmental awareness. This commitment is reflected in each of our creations, combining aesthetic beauty and ecological responsibility.

A preview of the Pacini & Cappellini collection at Milano Design Week 2024

The new Pacini & Cappellini collection is a triumph of elegance and functionality. Pieces such as the Gio table, the Ginevra sideboard, the Octagon bookcase, the Hills sofa and the Little Shell coffee tables are perfect examples of our innovative approach to design. Each piece combines aesthetic refinement with functionality, meeting the demands of a modern lifestyle.

Collaboration with renowned designers and architects has resulted in these unique objects, where every detail has been carefully considered. The new collection is a testimony to the excellence of Italian design, capable of influencing and inspiring the industry internationally. Our new collection expresses a perfect balance between aesthetics and innovation, symbolising Pacini & Cappellini’s commitment to an increasingly conscious and up-to-date design.

These creations are not just furniture, but true style statements, designed to enrich living spaces with timeless beauty. Visitors to our flagship store during Milan Design Week 2024 will be the first to discover these new wonders, privileged witnesses of our continuous creative evolution.

Upon entering our flagship store in Via Albricci 7 in Milan, Duomo/Missori area, during the Fuorisalone, visitors will be enveloped in an atmosphere of pure excellence and creativity. Every corner of our space has been curated to reflect the philosophy and values of the Pacini & Cappellini brand, offering a unique and memorable experience.

The Moodboard collection will be one of the stars of the event, presenting a curated selection of materials, textures and colours that have inspired our latest creations. This interactive space will allow visitors to touch the quality of the materials and understand the creative process behind each of our products.

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